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Rushiraj is a business adviser accelerating the growth of MSMEs in Western India.

He is delivering successful organizational turnaround by weaving a synergistic formula that synchronizes and blends various departments into a growth propellor taking the organization to the next level.


Rushiraj has successfully helped numerous individuals and organizations, including Hon. Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi.

He is alumni of two prestigious and renowned institutes namely, L.M. College of Pharmacy and (post-graduation from) Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Rushiraj also serves on the Board of Directors and Advisers of various private and public listed companies across sectors.




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Rushiraj works with several passionate business owners across various sectors and can find you exciting businesses to invest in.


Rushiraj was a diligent student who did well in the class. He was also an exceptional organizer and manager for the Marketing Fest Insight. He led a group of peers with elan and achieved several stretch milestones for the Fair including a substantial increase in the number and value of sponsorships, in the variety of events offered at the fair, in the participation levels at the fair. I find Rushiraj to be a sincere and hardworking person; he is someone that is willing to work hard and who is a natural at building relationships. Would recommend him very highly and am happy to talk over the phone about him.

- Dr. Arvind Sahay

Professor, Marketing, IIM-Ahmedabad

Top 50 Management Thinkers of India


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